24K Gold Full-Body Scrub - NEW

A natural treatment for all skin types, including the most sensitive, this ritual detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin. This full-body scrub followed by a unique massage and using the sacred nature organic line.

$150 - 45 min

Salt Peeling Treatment

This Treatment assists in opening the pores, removing dead cells and facilitates circulation to provide a refreshing sense of renewal and cleanliness. 

$85 - 50 min

Aloe Vera Wrap

A body wrap with aloe Vera essence designed to heal wounds, treat burns and alleviate pain. 

$95 - 45 min

Honey Wrap

(Anti-cellulite treatment) A honey body wrap designed to give the skin a flexible elastic and especially shiny appearance. An Anti-Cellulite Massage to complete the treatment will be followed. 

$135 - 60 min

24K Gold Wrap - NEW

The tranquillity wrap is a full 24K gold body treatment, including exfoliation and anti-ageing. This treatment leaves you hydrated and promotes a complete sense of well-being.   

$150 - 45 min

Coffee Peeling Scrub 

Coffee is an active antioxidant, absorbs fluids, shines the skin, contributes to the anti-ageing process, and effectively treats cellulite. 

$95 - 50 min

Chocolate Wrap

A chocolate body wrap containing vitamins and minerals, which releases endorphins into the body that are responsible for lifting the spirits.

$135 - 45 min